Disabled services
Disabled services

CSKA Arena gives to our guests all the conditions for the comfort visit. Access for people with special needs is through the staff entrance of arena, where you will be met by stewards and accompanied to your seat.

Please read our recommendations for the CSKA ARENA navigations.

Entrance to the building
• By car:

The closest parking lot to the entrance to the building is P2. You can get there by filling out an application in advance by phone number: +7 (495) 968-22-33 (from 10:00 to 22:00 daily). When entering the parking lot, you are required to show a ticket for the event and a disability card, and then proceed to the staff entrance.

You can also park your car in the multilevel parking lot by presenting your disability card to the security guard. If you have seats in Section 211, please park on Level 3, then go into the passage to the arena building. On Level 4, you can park your car if you need to get to the 3rd floor in the Skyboxes area. Then you can also follow the passage to the building.

• By public transport:

The most convenient way to get to the CSKA Arena is through the staff entrance (to the left of the main one).

Entrance to the tribune
• Staff entrance:

At the staff entrance, after passing the ticket control, the guest will be met by a hostess and accompanied to the second floor in the elevator. Then the guest will be accompanied by a steward to his seat.

• From the multilevel parking lot:

After passing the ticket control, the guest, if necessary, is met by a steward and accompanied to his seat.

• Exit from the tribune

After the event, the guest, if necessary, approaches to the nearest steward, who accompanies him to the exit.

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